Gas installation, alteration of installations and safety inspection (according to the German standard G 608)

Gas installation, repairs, alterations, and especially testing of LP gas systems for pleasure boats must follow specific rules and standards.

Since leaking gas accumulates in the bilge with no way to independently evaporate, and facilities on board marine vessels are particularly susceptible to corrosion, high demands are applied to the type of gas installation and the respective components. Requirements in this field are much more stringent than in the line of gas systems in homes or caravans/camping gear.

The DVGW (German Gas and Water Association) process sheet G 608 (EN ISO 10239) contains the requirements for LP gas systems on pleasure boats (up to 24 meters in length).

My Gas Safe registration number with the DVFG (German Association of Liquid Gas IS) is 0611488. As technical expert I am fully licensed to

  • Install LP gas systems onto marine vessels,
  • Alter existing gas systems,
  • Test gas systems on board ship,
  • Issue the test book and place the test badge.


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