Professional Experience / Navigation Book


Professional Experience:


  • Already during my early childhood I spent two years on my parents' pleasure sailing boat in the western Mediterranean.
  • First commercial assignment on a yacht as boatsman in 1978 on the 23-meter Ketch Seapeart in the western Mediterranean, home port: Port Camargue 
  • 3 3/4 years of apprenticeship in the dockyard Starnberg, Germany, and in the shipyard Dawartz, Tönning, North Friesland, graduation as journeyman in boat and ship building.
  • 18 months civilian service at the Lebenshilfe e.V. (assosiation for assisted living), responsibility for their own sailing working group, for maintenance and repairs of the fleet and sailing training for mentally disabled people.


Spring 1984 - Spring 1997


  • Five years (in two stages) full-time trainer/head of engineering department at the German International Sailing School SCE, the highest frequented overseas school at that time (many thanks to Jo Stich, Dieter Erle and Christian Renner for successful and wonderful years of cooperation!) .
  • Between my first and second employment with SCE, enticement by Kopp International Pipeline Services and employment as pipeline engineer (pressure testing) offshore (North Sea, Colombia and Venezuela).
  • During two years of contract-work as freelance construction of a 13 meter yacht.
  • Preparation for master class. 7 months master class in Lübeck, completion of all tests. Construction of the master piece (a whole boat) in my own home workshop, approval and receipt of the master's certificate (1993).
  • Second stage of employment with SCE. Intermediately, independent organization and mostly self-implementation of overseas cruises during the winter season (with emphasis on Venezuela, others: Caribbean, Polynesia, the Mediterranean).


Spring 1997 - 2019


  • Deputy headmaster, executive planner and organizer of overseas programmes, head of engineering (fleet with up to 50 boats up to 63 feet) and trainer in the field of ​​highest licenses (SSS and SHS, German Standard) as employee at the Deutscher Hochseesportverband Hansa (German Association for offshore sports Hansa) in Glücksburg, Germany,  and on Elba, Italy (many thanks to Dieter Erle and Atze Lehmann for successful and wonderful years).
  • Since spring 1999 initial part-time compilation of expert opinion, mainly for German insurance provider. 
  • On 1 January 2008 foundation of Yacht Expertise -maritime services with the main focus on providing expert opinion.
  • Since 1999, I have delivered about 600 surveys (by January 2024) on sport boats up to 28 meters for commercial and private customers.


Navigation Book:


During 16 years of full time employment at sailing and yachting schools, of intermediate freelance assignments in this field and the set-up of my professional independence in January 2008 I have logged the following up to spring of 2019*:




  • Approximately 226 training weeks of practical training BR (Sailing Licence 12-miles-zone)/BK (30-miles-zone)/C (offshore sailing worldwide)/SSS (official professional skipper licence), skipper training + skipper and storm training on the Solent (UK), manoeuvring intensiv training and personal coaching.
  • Approximately 156 weeks of sailing and transfer trips in the Mediterranean, on the Baltic Sea, the North Sea and on the Atlantic.
  • Since 1983, approximately 98 weeks (excluding Regattas) cruises in the Caribbean and Western Atlantic region (Venezuela to Newport RI).
  • Since 1997, 17 weeks of cruises in the South Pacific (French Society Islands incl. Tuamotus).
  • 2 Atlantic crossings, various Atlantic voyages: North sea-Portugal/Southern Spain and/or return (training and delivery trips).
  • Regattas, as a participating skipper: 11x Antigua Sailing Week, 3x Kieler WocheBaltic Sprint CupPre Race Blue, div. Flensburg spring and autumn weeksSolent Cup's. Several Baltic Cup's as committee boat skipper and race officer.


Sailing Yachts (list is not exhaustive)


  • Challenge 72
  • Berckemeyer BM 70
  • Swan 651
  • Northrop & Johnson 71
  • Baltic 63
  • X-612
  • Knierim Performance 53
  • Gunfleet 53
  • Sensation One-Off 74
  • Bestevaer 53
  • X-48
  • various Beneteau
  • GibSea
  • Jeanneau 
  • Catamarans Privilege, Lagoon, Easton, Kelsall, etc.,


all in the 50 + foot class.


Motor Yachts (list is not exhaustive)


  • Striker
  • Azimut
  • Sunseeker
  • Marquis
  • Don Shead one off
  • Pershing

 all in the size of 42 - 72 feet. 


* Always as skipper, mostly with additional instructor's function. This list is not exhaustive. I cannot serve with a decleration of mileage, because during my lasting seafaring career I have never summed them up. 


In the nautical theory training 


  • Approximately 76 weeks of training A/SBF Sea/BR/BK.
  • Approximately 31 weeks of training theory SSS/SHS.
  • Other activities as an instructor. 
  • RYA instructor in workshops on diesel boat engines.
  • Instructor on-board electrics workshop.