Site Supervision / Quality Insurance

This offer has been increasingly booked in recent years, as problems unfortunately occur more frequently in our industry with new buildings (particularly one-offs) and refit projects.


Unfortunately, problems often arise in projects due to a lack of communication and coordination. I was called in several times in late phases, at a time when the contractual partners of a project were already at odds, with a request for an expert opinion. This clearly showed me that significant problems can arise, especially in the final stages of a project. I therefore strongly recommend that such projects be supervised by an independent person right from the start. The type and scope of the deployment is always closely coordinated with the client.


Any supervision must meet the following requirements:


  • The client's ideas have to be consistently implemented.
  • Targeted mediating is suggested at the earliest possible time in case of problems like need for constructural or structural alterations.
  • Early detection of potential problems and search for solutions in close collaboration with the owner, the designer, the shipyard and the various sub-contractors.
  • A few weeks before the scheduled date of delivery, calling in an independent coordinator is extremely useful in order to ensure a systematic control of the functionality and quality inspection. 



It would be my pleasure to submit to you an individual offer.