Yacht management

On large yachts and especially on mega yachts a hired crew takes care of the conning, the owner's comfort and that of their guests, and the management of the technical and logistic necessities.
Most of the owners of vessels up to 30 m, however, decide against hiring a crew due to financial or personal reasons.

Be that as it may, still a number of tasks has to be handled in order to guarantee a professional operation of a yacht:


  • Service and maintenance in order to guarantee maximum operating safety and maintenance of value.
  • Organisation of transport and mooring for yachts used in varying districts.
  • Staff requirement (nautical and if necessary for service) has to be determined and booked.


The owner decides on the standard of service and maintenance and respectively prepares a budget. Furthermore, the owner disposes of the seasonal and regional use of the yacht and determines whether additional staff is temporarily necessary. 

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