Pre-Purchase Survey/Valuation

In Anglo-Saxon countries the issue of a pre-purchase survey goes without saying wether a purchase is definite or merely considered. Even in German-speaking countries buyers, sellers and brokers are increasingly aware of the virtue of an independent assessment summing up the condition and value of the respective vehicle. 


To issue pre-purchase surveys on vessels inland and overseas is one of my most common tasks. Every year I furnish about 15 - 20 reports of this type, mainly for individuals with buying interests. 


In addition or as sole service I offer the preparation of a valuation, which on the basis of a thorough examination taking into account various factors, determines the value of the yacht. 


Because of my additional experience as skipper I am able to offer expertise together with a vessel transfer. The transfer procedure can yet again deepen the valuation and if desired provide necessary data for a technical manual. Of course, the new owner is welcome on board ship if they wish to acquaint themselves to their new yacht. 






Alarmed by a number of articles and numerous accounts customers very often ask for a pre-purchase survey focussing on the subject of osmosis. On the one hand of course, I provide all my long-standing experience with this issue, and also have at my disposal the latest, most efficient moisture measuring device that is available on the market. However, a serious-minded consulting must not spare to elucidate the customers about the limits of assessing existing osmosis or the risk of its future occurrence. If requested, I would be happy to give further details about the moisture analysis and it's interpretation.


It would be my pleasure to submit to you an individual offer.