Ship´s Command / Delivery

Ship´s Command 


Your own yacht or a charted one is to be run in a professional way so that you yourself and your co-sailors can enjoy the cruise feeling safe and comfortable. 

You would like to deliver your vessel on your own, but would want an experienced partner with comprehensive technical and nautical knowledge at your side. 



In recent years, I have increasingly taken over delivery orders. These could always be carried out within the planned time frame and to the full satisfaction of the customers. Through my years of experience with sailing/driving of always different yachts in different areas, I can offer reliably planned and safe delivery projects.


You want your yacht deliverred in a safe and reliable way. Its' careful handling is very important to you. You expect professional conduct in all stages, from the first contacting up to and including the safe delivery of your craft. 

It would be my pleasure to submit to you an individual offer.