Special Surveys

In addition to my usual duties customers sometimes request very specific and individual surveys. The following examples deliver some insight into a couple of these particular tasks in recent years:


  • Assessing the seaworthiness of a yacht (including the existing equipment) for the application of the Swiss flag certificate. 
  • Reports about shortcomings due to poor maintenance in the context of a yacht management contract.
  • Surveys on additional expenses incurred by the owner and required as part of a warranty claim.
  • Surveys for preservation of evidence. Usually, documentation in this case is compiled at short notice. This may be necessary, if a certain condition is considered as important evidence for further consideration of the case and if after a certain time a change of condition is to be expected or, for other reasons, the outcoming documantation would fall short.
  • Validation of yachts, serving overseas investors or banks as basis for funding decisions. Usually, such validations are drawn up in English.
  • Determination of measuring data for reconstructing a ship's lines plan to furnish a MCA Stability Information Booklet (requirement for MCA coding level 1 or 0).
  • Report on the presentation of an inadequate repair procedure by the insurer on the basis of a further expert report, commissioned by the insurer.
  • Report on improper repairs (carried out by the construction boatyard) to construction defects in new vessels.



In close consultation with the client we look for a suitable form containing all necessary information.