Test Methods

Depending on the order the following methods are applied:

  • Optical inspection,
  • Tap testing (acoustic check),
  • Moisture tests with the most advanced equipment on the market (Sovereign + Tramex),
  • Macroscopic and microscopic tests,
  • Video endoscopy (Extech, Flir Company),
  • Ultrasonic measurement of material thickness with HDS 160 (if metal covered with layers of paint by DeFelsco PosiTector UTG/ME with Data Logger),
  • Dye penetrant inspection (DPI) for detection of cracks in GRP (glass-fibre reinforced plastic) and metal (Crack Marker), 
  • Engine oil analysis (Marine Engine Check and OelCheck),
  • Compression test on diesel engines (Motometer),
  • Shaft measurement using a high-precision measurement setup (gauge),
  • Battery test using various methods, 
  • Thermography, using a Flir infrared camera,
  • Pressure tests of gas installations, 
  • Potential measurement to reference electrode (qualitiy determination of corrosion protection on steel and aluminum yachts),
  • Underwater examination using diving, qualifications and equipment available.


In rare cases, other methods are used in consultation with the client, which are carried out by separately assigned companies (e. g. eddy current testing, thermal imaging, 3D computed tomography).