Seafaring / Training

Working in the yacht business for 46 years, professional seafaring always was an important part of my life.

My experiences result from hundreds of sailing trips and many regattas on various marine vessels in many sailing areas around the world. 

For many years I spent my working time mostly at sea. Not at anchor or in ports, but usually with deadline pressure on "end to end" events, deliveries or regattas. Thus, moving the yacht was often necessary, when the "Liveabords" discussed equipment or waited for the next good weather period. My experiences come from hundreds of sea trips and many regattas on the most diverse yachts in many sailing areas in the world, in all imaginable conditions.


Although my professional life is almost completely filled with furnishing expert opinions nowadays, I make a point of professional seafearing 4 to 8 weeks a year. In addition, every year I sail privately on yachts for many days. By this, I keep excersing my nautical skills.


For me, a professional life without regular seafaring is unimaginable. 


In the future, I will gladly accept interesting offers within this range. 



For my activities in seafaring, I took care of comprehensive insurance coverage (liability insurance , accident and legal expenses insurance) for commercial skippers on international assignment.