Yacht Surveys

Since 1999 I issue expert reports for the vehicle category "Sport boats up to 25 meters" (also in commercial use). In practice, I have already examined yachts up to 30 meters. My clients include, for example, Yacht insurance provider, yacht owners and potential purchasers.


My regular private stays in the Balearic Islands (mainly Mallorca) are also gladly used to carry out examinations before or after with low-cost travel expenses.


Many of my customers even like to fall back on my long overseas survey experiences (United Kingdom, Netherlands, France, Belgium, Italy, Spain incl. Canary Islands and Balearic Islands, Gibraltar, Croatia, Turkey, Tunisia, Albania, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Estonia, USA, Polynesia, the Caribbean and South Africa).


Here craftsmanship and nautical expert knowledge complement one another in the assessment of damages and the cause of loss or in the assessment of a vehicle when purchase is intended. Establishing a market price and in addition providing high-quality documentation, particularly when buying interest is indicated, are part of my services in the broader field of yacht surveys.