Individual solutions for demanding customers

Dear English speaking prospective customer, I am pleased about your interest in my work!


I create regularly and for many years also reports of various kinds in English! I would be glad, if you would look at my offers on this website. Not all categories are filled with information and maintained promptly as the "German part", if you have any questions, please do not hesitate with a request.


In 46 years of professional activity in the yacht business, as boat builder, training supervisor and surveyor, I acquired comprehensive nautical and expert knowledge as well as mechanical skills. Tried and tested in practice the range of services offered on these pages are based upon my many experiences.


Thank you for your interest in my work!


My main business is creating reports for insurance companies (mainly damage reports) and private individuals (mainly pre-purchase reports). In recent years I have also been increasingly booked for construction supervision and quality assurance for new buildings or major refit projects.


There are also always private individuals who use several of my services. It happens repeatedly that I first assess (pre-purchase survey) and later deliver and/or coach on board the newly acquired yacht.


Especially in the yacht business services need to be adapted to the individual needs and ideas of the respective customer. Therefore I make a point of designing any offer according to your request.