Only in few lines of business experience is regarded as highly as in the yacht business. It may be due to the fact that in this line a wide variety of skills and profound knowledge of the trade are much in demand. The ability to predict hazard incidents, to avoid or resolve them can only be developed by practical exposure to the many problems which we sailors come against in yacht operation.


Particularly in the line of survey it pays to check out the professional history of the respective expert. Not all of them can claim to have enjoyed in-depth training or to draw their knowledge from decades of practical experience. Some dabble in the yacht business as carrer changer without sound education, others only fall back on theoretical foundations never having actually worked professional in the field of boatbuilding or at sea. It does not improve the qualification and experience, even if an attempt is made to replace these through membership in some various national and international "expert associations". 


In 46 years of worldwide professional activity in the yacht business I acquired comprehensive nautical and expert knowledge as well as mechanical skills. 


Whether as freelance or employee, whether in my capacity as master craftsman in boatbuilding, training supervisor or surveyor, my experiences result from thousands hours of professional practice at sea, in harbors and shipyards! 


In this section you will find an overview of my training history and experiences of the past 46 years in the yacht business. 


If you want more detailed information, please send me a message. 




My many thanks to all my clients who by their assignment have enabled me to make a living out of my passion during the past years and consequently gave me the opportunity to constantly amass knowledge and practical experiences!