IT-based Maintenance and Spare Parts Management

Nowadays, a modern yacht equipment includes mobile or stationary computers more frequentely. These are mainly used for displaying electronic sea charts in correspondence with navigation software. 

In an ideal way your computer can be used to manage maintenance activities and intervals. Typically digitalised aggregates are: main engine, generators, watermaker, hydraulic systems, etc. Of course, the safety equipment is integratable as well (life raft(s), life jackets, etc.). As soon as I have entered all necessary data the program only requires a weekly (or possibly monthly) input of your operating hours during the season.


The program then directly indicates the remaining time or a reached point in time for all relevant service units needing attention (e. g. change of lubricants or service units, replacement, etc.). You will always have a complete overview of the issue of maintenance, which unfortunately very often is severely neglected. The functional reliability and the resale value of your yacht will be significantly increased. 


In addition, I recommend a data file-based spare parts management. A reasonable selection of components installed on your yacht is recorded in detail and divided into component groups. Then to all individual parts supplier data will be assigned (in case of international sailing trips I provide data application for different countries). Thus, it is possible to identify components and rapidly ascertain the supplier. 


It would be my pleasure to submit to you an individual offer.