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Since 1999 I work as an expert witness for insurance companies. Even after a significant increase of private commissions I still provide about 50 % of my surveys for insurers.


If I am not working for you yet, I would be very interested in a future cooperation.


In very urgent cases I am usually fit for service on short notice and contactable twenty-four-seven under +49 (0) 173 8177188. 





Although regular travel activities covering all distances are part of my daily business, insurers often fall back on my service, if the object that is to be inspected is located in Northern Germany. In order to optimize travel costs my choice of office location is particularly suited for cost-efficient inspection tours of objects in the aera of the Flensburg Fjord, Schlei (arm of the Baltic Sea), Denmark, North Friesland incl. islands, Denmark, Kiel and Lübeck


Over the years, my office provided insurance appraisals on all possible types of damage.


As a rule and if not specified otherwise, my insurance surveys include:

  • Facts (as to contract placing, inspection, etc.) 
  • circumstances of a loss 
  • cause auf loss 
  • extent of damage 
  • damage tax 
  • Review of possibly existing estimations of costs.


My insurance surveys are specific to the regulator's demands. They allow a quick and clear insight into the case and form the basis for a rapid and clear adjustment of claims.


In many cases, insurers also drew gladly on my services, if a seamanly/nautical assessment (even beside a survey) seemed reasonable. 





I am happy to provide a price list which includes all hourly wage rates, travel costs, etc.