Technical Manuals

Whether for small standard yachts or 30 meters one-off constructions, there mostly exist only stacks of different operating guidelines, eking out their existence piled up more or less systematically which are usually only reluctantly consulted. You indeed want to primarily enjoy your yacht and not have to deal with sometimes highly complicated operating instructions.


Usually, a CE compilant manual based on EU directives is supplied as a board manual only, primarily containing hazard notes. However, the implementation of the complex system of a modern yacht is scarcely adequately explained. 

The technical manual which I supply helps in a very descriptive way to locate the technical components of the yacht, to understand their functions and to guarantee proper handling. Contents and scope are practical and adjusted to the requirements of standard operation. However, detailed operating instructions, especially in reference to the electronic navigation system, would go beyond the scope of a feasible manual. Therefore, during the instruction phase the original manuals are used. 

Additionally, I offer a methodical and practical solution for the processing and the storage of the original instructions. I also recommend the complete filing as PDF on CD or DVD.

It would be my pleasure to submit to you an individual offer.